Friday, August 18, 2017

A rainy evening, a tornado warning.

Much needed rain came in the form of a big storm yesterday evening, canceling our plans to go to the park. We watched from the porch instead.

Bee's plans for death and destruction of small mammals were benched.

When the rain got too bad we came inside.

Colored on boxes and spoon fed cottage cheese to Bee while making airplane noises.

We don't have TV and hardly turn on the radio. Around 7:45 emergency texts came over the cells phones that there was a tornado warning and to seek cover NOW.  So we put our shoes on and headed to the basement to nervously wait it out.  The chicks I bought are in the basement which turned out to be a blessing (little man went NUTS) and a curse (toddler + heat lamp = me freaking out).

Eventually the skies cleared and the warning was over but it got me thinking what we could do better next time. Maybe grab his knapsack of snacks/drinks/book/diaper that I carry around and take it with us. Just in case.

I remember being at the house of my mother's Aunts when I was little, maybe 4 or 5. They were both very devout Catholics and when a tornado warning was issued we sat in the fruit cellar praying the rosary.  

Turns out the chickens were just as comforting.


  1. When the tornado warning came we were eating dinner. I made everone rush through dinner so I could make sure the kitchen was clean in case the tornado came, lol. Seriously, this is how my brain now works.

    1. Isn't a tornado the perfect excuse? Like, "I was *going* to clean but then, oh shit, that tornado came along?" Or just blame the mess on high winds.