Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Day in Pictures

It's been a week.  We were all laid low by bad respiratory infections, the kind where you just lay in bed all day with a box of Kleenex and feel bad for yourself.  Unless you are a toddler - then you cry and nurse 24/7 and act totally irrational.  Which makes everyone else in the house feel SO much better.  Then to add insult to injury, the car died.  It's in the shop and it looks like the starter finally went.  So hooray to all of that.  But we are finally starting to feel like we are out of the woods and I know we are all so grateful.

It was hot today.  HOT, hot, hot... 84 degrees in mid-May with a higher temperature expected tomorrow.  Ironic since our "last frost date" is not until May 31st but we'll take it, gladly.  Nothing to do but stay inside and try not to wilt.  The air is too muggy to breathe.  Here is our day in pictures.


Finally took down the Christmas bunting and replaced it with a summer one.  Because it's May and the old one had reindeer on it.  Also, check out the new sexy bicycle!

Grandpa Pig scaled a tower of blocks.

The dozens of seedlings waiting to be set out were watered.  This is like, 1/10th of them.  I have some extra heirloom tomatoes, oregano and alpine strawberries to share. Anyone?  

 I should have skipped the chickens and ducks and gone straight to geese.  Why did no one tell me they are so wonderful?  I mean, the ducklings are cute too. but come on.  Geese!

Lettuces were picked for sandwiches and fish tacos.

This sandwich did not have lettuce.  Homemade bread, home harvested honey, organic peanut butter.

Then we filled up the redneck pool I bought this morning at the dollar store.  It was amazing fun. 

After dinner I rounded up the Cornish cross chickens and drove them to the butcher. I'll pick them up tomorrow, dressed and plucked for all of $2.50 apiece.  Really excited to get them back - they seem huge.  Foot for scale. 

Rounding them up did not go well.  It never goes well.  This time I was crawling through the brambles with a net.  One of the roosters took a swing at me.  The lady across the street took her kids inside as I was a stuffing a chicken into a vodka box.  The only boxes I could find in town today were from the liquor store.  It was super classy, but there you go - that's me in a nutshell.

So, upward and onward.  There's so much to be excited about this time of year.  And tomorrow is another day.


  1. OOooh hun! You did make me smile with the vodka box lol! That's us all over.
    Interested to see the results of the chickens. We're having talks over future breeds and table birds at the minute. I don't think I've posted about them yet actually, so I will.
    Well done to you on eventually rounding them up lol.
    Hope you're feeling brighter today and your little one is less stressful lol. Take care of yourself - I'd share some herbal remedies but I've haven't got round to looking for them yet hahah! One day x

  2. Thanks so much for the well wishes! Respiratory sickness is not too bad in the winter, but in the summer? Ugh. The worst.
    I was really proud when I picked up the meat birds today and will post on their weights and my conflicted feelings on this hybrid bird soon. My husband had to carry the cooler inside for me - with 6 chickens in it. He said they looked more like turkeys.

  3. I'd love to have geese but alas the wife forbids it.
    I can never catch an animal when I want to! Chasing sheep around is almost a hobby for me. At least it keeps me fit!

    1. I have gotten to where I kind of enjoy running after an escaped one. They always look pretty shocked.

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