Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter cakes, rhubarb & asparagus

So here it is, the evening of 4/17 and I'm blogging instead of finishing our taxes. Sigh.
Another half hour of procrastinating won't hurt.

Here are some cakes I made this weekend for Easter that I thought turned out pretty nice in spite of one being from a box mix and the other flat-out purchased at Wal-Mart because I couldn't find my angel food cake pan.

Angel food cake with homemade whip topping and strawberry rhubarb topping.  I whipped the cream with very little sugar and added a lot of vanilla, the topping had honey in it.   Violets looked lovely. Took it to my in-laws for Easter.  My mother in law and I also enjoyed some amazing rhubarb bellini from Jamie Oliver's website.  Thank you SO much to Tracy at Our Smallholding Adventure for the idea and to my dear friend Lynn for the rhubarb advice.

This is just a box mix carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  The "nests" are tinted coconut and the "eggs" are these adorable (and yummy) malted milk type chocolates I found at Aldi's.  Took it to my parent's house to celebrate with my dad, my little family and my sister and her family.  

Lots to talk about this week.. opening day of trout season was this weekend and I have a new recipe to share for a trout appetizer.

Lots of things sprouting in the garden - greens everywhere and the potatoes are showing. Also -  the best part - OUR ASPARAGUS IS UP!


  1. My rhubarb has been good this year, sold a load to the local pub as well!

  2. Good to hear it! You must grow a ton! I only have two little plants. Congrats on selling the extra.