Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What a dreary day. Let's make roasted squash soup.

What a dreary day yesterday.  It was cold, wet and overcast. A good many of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and are covering the yard, soaked with previous night's rains.  I thought it would be a good day to make soup. While the little guy was watching Sesame Street I grabbed a couple of winter squash off of the porch and rummaged in the refrigerator.  The squash, a parsnip, some carrots and a couple of potatoes all went in a cast iron skillet covered in olive oil, sage, thyme and cracked pepper.

They roasted at 400 while I made bread dough and we had breakfast.  I added some minced garlic and a shallot to the pan for the last bit of roasting. Everything got piled onto a plate to cool.  Around this time, my little man toddled in, took my oven mitt, stuck it on his hand and ran off with it. 

 I pureed all the vegetables in the Nutribullet along with homemade chicken stock and it simmered in the crock pot while the bread baked. Dinner. Done.  It was really, really good.

It was a really yucky day here and I miss summer already. Let's have another flower picture before it's too late.  This was our last clean tablecloth yesterday and I was really happy for the spring colors.


  1. I always miss simmer when the dark evenings come but I do like that my work load decreases (or it would if it wasn't for the house). Love soup with homemade bread, only ever made squash soup once and was before I realised that you have to let them ripen, it was disgusting! I must try again!

  2. That's funny, because I thought they were ok to eat small! Never tried it though. That must have been a suprise!