Saturday, October 15, 2016

Last mushroom havest & a chipmunk harvest

It really rained the other night and it caused my shiitake logs to sprout mushrooms.  I'm sure this will be the last flush of the year.  My mom's cousin tends about a hundred or so of these logs every year and he helped me get started way back when.... I think these logs are about 7 or 8 years old and still fruiting, but less every season.  I'll have to start some new ones soon I guess.  The logs are sugar maple, cut in the spring and inoculated with mushroom spawn.  That's it - you're done.  it's like planting a perennial.  We get a big flush of mushrooms in the spring and I dry most of them.

Now for another kind of harvest... Bee has turned into a skilled killer since we've let her come and go outside.  We came home last night to chipmunk number 5 waiting on the front doormat.  I didn't even know we had chipmunks on the property.  I was told to do something with it before company came over so I set it out on this stump.  I don't know why, it seemed like if I were a chipmunk, that would be a good place for a final rest.


  1. Really need to do this to some logs. I love mushrooms.
    Funny never think of chipmunks being pests, voles are a terror in my garden.

  2. Kev, the mushroom logs are the easiest thing ever. I hope to do more in the spring.