Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My little man in the garden

I never finished cleaning up the garden like I talked about here and it turned out to be a good thing.  I thought I'd share some pictures of what's going on in the garden in mid-October.  Mostly my little man getting into stuff.  He's learning to walk and the garden is a good place to fall down in, poke at things and learn a lot.  I am very laid back about "germs" and "dirt" probably to a fault in this case.  As in, I don't even think about it.  Oh well, lots of farmers had lots of children grow up just fine. Besides, he hasn't eaten that much dirt.....

In the nasturtiums.   A dear friend gave me a ton of seed and they've done really well. Also, these smell lovely when you walk past them?  I've planted nasturtiums for years and never noticed them having a sweet smell before but these do.



My favorites dahlias, truly.

This seed tray has been sitting out there all season long.  We spent a good 10 minutes sticking straw into the plant cells.

I should probably harvest that parsley.

No one is happier than a little boy sat down in a potato patch with a stick and told to "go to town". 

We brought a big armload of flowers with us when we came inside. I am really, really going to miss all this when we're snowed in come December. 


  1. I love having mine out with me. It's great as they explore everything. I'm not bothered about dirt either and they've all survived so far. Cute kid, bet he grows up to love gardening!

  2. Ah your babe looks precious and I raised four kids on farm dirt and they've done well. Do you know the nasturtiums are edible? Great in salads, a little peppery and so pretty on top all the greens.

  3. Thanks, everyone! It's so much fun with the little guy out there and there's a whole world to explore. He's now going to the door and trying to say "outside".