Thursday, December 3, 2020

Snowy December, food, seeds & video

The oldest is having class from home this week, the school is going online for the week after each holiday to give everyone's germs a chance to settle down. So here we are sitting in his room currently learning about baby pandas, I am only here in case of computer issues and have ordered him to ignore me. 

We got a heck of a snowstorm this week, drifts of nearly a foot in areas of the yard. Here we are out in the dark after dinner. Mr. H. was being a snow dragon in his snow cave of pines.

Here we are without the flash. It is nearly a full moon.

Here are some more storm pictures. It really is quite pretty.

Out the upstairs window.

The weight of the snow knocked all the brush down. 

Yikes. You can see how grey it was that day. I think we had two days of not seeing the sun :(

This little hen shot out of the big coop, got stuck in the snow and needed scooped up.


And more sleds.

Last night we had this white bean, kale and sausage soup. It was really yummy.

Leftovers tonight

Here is the recipe.  The picture is terrible because I took while pinned on my inlaws sofa with a sleeping toddler on my chest. I don't remember which magazine.

We have also made Jamie Oliver's chicken cacciatore from his new Seven Ways book. No pictures but it was so delicious it will be on regular rotation. Seriously amazing. Here are the ingredients. 

And because we already miss the sun and the warm and green things here is my big seed order that came today along with my alpine strawberries.  Fingerling potatoes will be shipped in the spring.

And here is a video of Kwazii crowing last week before the big cold came.

Ok, no idea why Kwazii is only showing up as a picture on the desktop version but here is a link to the video too: Kwazii crowing


  1. I literally just picked Swiss chard before the snow today! I will try this soup!

    1. It was really good! We used 2 cans of beans and added cooked sausage & pasta.

  2. Snow lucky you, or maybe not, we can go years without seeing the white stuff, last winter we only had a tiny dusting. Sleds sou DS so much fun for your boys. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.