Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Snow thaw & Christmas

We had a big snowfall last week. Here are the kiddos making a snowman over the weekend.

And here they are modifying it today. It is 45 degrees out.

My husband and I got tested for Covid on Monday and are awaiting results before we are able to have any Christmas plans. We feel totally fine but feel it's the responsible thing to do since we did see my dad once before he tested positive.  Dad is totally fine and we expect to be too.

I am baking rum cakes and cupcakes today. Tomorrow we will make cookies. The hens are taking a break from laying so we are using eggs I froze in the spring. I went shopping for groceries yesterday, the plan was to have chicken marsala with homemade noodles for Christmas dinner. The State store is completely out of marsala and says they have not been able to get it into the warehouse due to Covid shipping issues. I did not know all Marsala came from Italy. I do now. After some discussion and Googling the gentlemen working there suggested a bottle of sweet vermouth.  So the marsala, like everything else in 2020, will be a make-do parody of normal.  We will see how it turns out.

Here is our tree. It is decorated with dried oranges, a pipecleaner chain, vintage spinners, homemade ornaments, a plastic rosary and some toys the kids chucked into the tree. 

It's certainly interesting. 

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