Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Putting up pasta, flowers

It was very fortunate that the new dough hook came in the mail today as this is what was lurking in our refrigerator.  The largest eggs are goose eggs, for some reason they've started laying again. The little green cutters are for quail eggs, an absolute nessesity, they cost less than $5 and make a neat job of snipping the eggs open.

So this evening the oldest and I got to work.

Here he is making paw prints out of a goose egg with quail egg toes.  1 cup of egg + 3.5 cups of flour = about 2 lbs pasta.  I thought we would run out of flour but the whole job only took a bit over a full bag from Aldi. They were divided into 1 lb portions and left to firm up in the freezer before vaccum sealing.

You can see I've run out of sealing bags and will have to get more tomorrow.  We ended up with 11 lbs of egg pasta in the freezer, which will make plenty of good meals this winter. 

Here is something I will miss when it's turned cold. These are so pretty together.  The purple flowers are lemon bee balm and oregano that has flowered. The white flowers include yarrow and buckwheat. 


  1. I have never let my lemon balm flower, I will have to leave mine this year, they are pretty. Wow great way to use your eggs and loads of lovely pasta.

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