Friday, April 10, 2020

Quilting, seedlings, other stuff

I started making some quilt blocks earlier this week. The idea is to make 7 of them into a Seven Sisters block formation and maybe turn it into a lap quilt for the living room.  

. I've been using the English paper piecing method but have been to lazy to baste the papers in properly so have just been holding the fabrics over the papers with paper clips. It works.

Here is the fabric I've been fussy-cutting.

And here is the block I'll start tonight.

Down in the basement the seedlings are coming along well. You can see the peanuts and borage are huge and need transplanted already. The rest of the seedling are coming along well but the peppers which I always have trouble germinating.   There are 4 flats under 2 lights and I think they really need moved over to the big workbench so there is more room and I can add another set of lights.  In the basement the quail eggs are coming along. 27 of 30 look well developed. There are also 14 chicken eggs in the incubator because,  why not. My friend that gave us Kwazii the rooster will take 8 that hatch and since we had another hen drop yesterday I am ok with erring on the side of a few too many this early in the season.

While the oldest and I were puttering around the basement the Easter Bunny delivered some hotcross buns to our front porch.  Just kidding, we did see your car. Thank you so much, it really was touching since Easter has been effectively cancelled this year.

So pretty. They smell amazing. 

We had some really warm days this week.  The kids played in the mud.

And Kwazii supervised some landscape painting.


  1. Love you fussy cutting out, the design looks good. we have lovely neighbours behind our house, they got us a big pack of fresh yeast this week, we shared it with the neighbours and also passed a third of the block to another street. The weather here is hot and sunny, we are enjoying our garden, BUT it's due to turn cold, back to our normal temperature.

  2. OH! I'm loving that fabric and can't wait to see the finished project! And if I had an incubator, I'd be throwing eggs in it left and right. You can't have too many chickens. Or projects!