Sunday, April 5, 2020

A baby on the way, mocktails!

In addition to everything else going on around here I am growing another baby! Having just passed 12 weeks, the new one will be here in October.  We can't wait. The oldest is hoping for a sister this time, which is a suprise.  There's a lot to plan for in this uncertain time (we're going to need a bigger vehicle and frankly a bigger home) but we are beyond happy to be welcoming another one.

I've had to switch from craft beer and martinis to mocktails.  Here is my favorite right now.

1/2 glass ginger ale
1/2 glass carbonated water
Fresh lemon juice
Freshly grated ginger (easy if you keep the ginger in the freezer)

It's also good with some frozen currants from the freezer tossed in.

Rhubarb shrub mocktails

I can't wait to drink these again and go check the rhubarb every day.

I had totally forgotten I used to make the oldest "bartend".

So, fun times around here inspite of what's going on with the outside world.  Something to look forward to.

Three! My husband and I often feel outnumbered with the two we have now. Wish us luck, we'll need it.


  1. Congratulations, lovely news, brought a smile to me, look after yourself, stay safe.