Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring flowers

Flowers are everywhere and thank goodness.  It's been a long, cold, wet time.

The April rains have come.  They're the best.  A beautiful rain with warm temperatures.

Here's the Cleveland Pear we planted when we first bought the house.  It's as tall as the power lines now.


I have no idea what this flower is.  I remember planting it years ago and then being disappointed by how tiny the plant was when it bloomed.

The orange primrose was a gift when we bought the house.

One of the landscaping shrubs.  Bees love it. 

Some of the "clearance" bulbs planted last fall.

Here's another one.  It's lovely.

Grape hyacinth.  This week marks 4 years since my mother died.  I'm thinking of moving some of these up to the cemetery along with snow drops,  crocus, forget-me-nots and daffodils. The long-term goal being a perennial planting that would bloom from spring through fall.  Gardening was her passion and joy.  It seems neglectful, or worse, indifferent that I haven't planted around the headstone but honestly this is the first year I could even tolerate the thought of doing so without weeping. 

A sprig of rhododendron.


  1. Love you rain, we have another short heatwave here and the garden is suffering. It is a sad fact you never stop missing your mum xxx

  2. Fritillaria meleagris is a Eurasian species of flowering plant in the lily family. Your mystery plant?