Sunday, April 14, 2019

Opening day of trout season.

This is not a trout.

Saturday was the fist day of trout season, the un-official start to Spring around these parts. The day was just stunningly beautiful.  Warm weather, blue skies, fluffy clouds.  I was able to spend the morning fishing with my dad, his friend, my uncle and a very good friend of mine who was free that day.  I came home with two trout.  I also caught two of these grotesque things called red horse suckers.  I threw them back because they were hideous.  Then came home, googled them and found that they only live in very pure water and the general consensus is "ugly as hell but delicious and sweet, tastes like walleye."  Ugh! Live and learn.

The farm we fished at had about 30 other people fishing there that morning.  This little muskrat swam down the stream, walked along the shore, plopped himself down in the sun and just watched everyone as he ate grass.  I haven't seen a muskrat up close since I was little so this was a treat.  You could get within 10 feet of the thing.  There was also a mama Canada goose on a nest.

I came home as spent some time outside with the oldest who, surprised me with a bouquet of flowers he had picked all on his own.  My sweet little guy.

In the evening I went to a ladies night at one of the local social clubs with a new friend. I made my dad be our designated driver.  There was a little of this:

And a whole lotta this:

Leaving me feeling like this today:

Seriously. I woke up on the sofa fully dressed with a raging hangover and a cheese puff stuck to my shirt.

Guess what's fun to do hungover?  Filing taxes.  Cleaning fish.  I did have a fantastic time though.  Today we spent some time outside, I made homemade pasta to go with the trout.  It was a really good weekend overall.  

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  1. Sounds a fun time under many levels, I hope your head is better.