Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Cat in the Hat Birthday

The little man turned three a week ago.  We had a great little party with family, friends, cake and balloons.  He LOVES a Canadian PBS series called The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.  Basically it's a nature education series and it's absolutely awesome.  Click here to watch "Show me the honey" where kids learn all about honey bees.

When I asked him what he wanted on his cake of course it was Cat in the Hat.  However (are you paying attention PBS?) no one actually sells toys or cake sets for this cartoon.  My husband and I decided to forge ahead and make one anyway.  I baked and iced the cake and he sketched out the cutouts for the Cat, Nick, Sally & Fish on card stock.  Then I laminated them using using a hot iron and photo sleeves.

The cake before the little man and his cousins totally destroyed it.  

He came downstairs, saw the cake, gasped and yelled "MAMA I NEED A FORK!!!"

Sally and Nick.

Balloons and streamers.  It was awesome.

The weather was wonderful and we spend the day surrounded by friends and family.  We set up a canopy in the back yard and put our old tent up in the corner of the garden for the kids to play in.  They were in and out of the house the whole time and had a ton of fun.

This guy was on a sugar high for about three days.  


  1. Brilliant birthday memories. great cake, you both did good.

  2. That cake was amazing! What a cool mama you are. My GK Easton turned 3 last week and it was all about the dinosaurs. One crazy fun party

  3. Oh man. Check out Dinosaur Train on Pbs. It's about dinosaurs. And trains. lol. Another favorite hre.

  4. These are just fabulous Cat in the Hat Birthday party photos! Truly each and everything is so fun, pretty and unique in this bash. I too would like to use this idea for my son’s upcoming birthday bash. He will turn 2 years old and that’s why I am excited. Have already booked the rental venue NYC for the bash.