Friday, May 4, 2018

A lovely day

I was gently reminded today (by my favorite co-worker of all time 😊) that there hadn't been a new post in almost two weeks.  Wow, time goes by quickly.  There's so much going on: getting a room prepped to be dry walled, shuffling bedrooms in preparation for the baby, trying to get all of the gardens in by mid-month.  Our last frost date isn't until May 31st here but I figure I only have maybe 5 more weeks of being able to work ahead of me and things always take longer than I think they will.  The weather here has broken (finally!).  It feels wonderful to be outside in the warm sunshine.

Today the little man and I went to the library in the morning for playgroup.  We were looking for something to do afterwards and ended up going to the lake.

We weren't planning on wading and I wasn't prepared with dry clothes or anything but it was fantastic fun and we both got some sun.  It was 80 degrees today - last weekend we needed winter coats - it felt amazing.

After dinner I went artifact hunting with my father.  Farmers around here are getting their fields ready for the season and our favorite field to hunt has been plowed, disced and rained on.  It was planted in oats this year which means our hunting time is very limited before the crop comes up.  We spent the evening talking and walking.  We covered about 1/3 of the field and found two complete points and two more that were broken.  A great evening.


Here's the second one as it was found:

And look at this sunset!

It looks like great weather again tomorrow and we are grateful for the sun and fresh air.  I know I've said that about 10 times but it's true, the cold just hung on forever this year and this is such a relief.  Things are growing like crazy.  I've taken lots of pictures over the last two weeks but nothing looks the same as it did last week or even two days ago.  Hopefully I'll get back into the writing routine here and share some pictures soon.


  1. We to are enjoying beautiful hot sunny days, it's makes everything in life so much better when the sun comes out.

    1. It's wonderful after such a long winter. I love the pictures of your flowers.