Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Walks, play and cooking

What a beautiful holiday weekend.  It snowed on Friday morning so we were stuck inside but Saturday was wonderful. 

A very long walk in the woods. Didn't see any birds or animals but lots of fun things to explore and poke at.

Plenty of rocks tossed in the creek. We walked about a half mile. A long distance for little legs, old paws and pregnant ladies. I love this time of year when the world smells like mud and new growth. After a cold winter you really notice it when the earth starts to warm up again.

Saturday evening and Sunday we celebrated Easter with our families. Kentucky Fried Chicken at my dad's with picnic sides. It was really fun and easy. Easter egg hunts for the kiddos.

Monday we bought a a family pass and went back to the Children's Museum for part of the day. Little man's favorite part, again, was the pretend pizza restaurant.  I think we'll make pizza here soon.

I can't link to things from my phone but last night made a "Korean style" ground beef dish I found online.  We hardly ever eat beef here and it was a nice change. Here's a link to the recipe. Super fast, dinner was done by the time the rice cooked. Great sauce.

Little man both "stirred up" and decorated the Easter cakes. We did a box mix but subbed butter for the oil and added extra eggs and vanilla.  

The Easter Bunny dropped off some mystery gifts this weekend. The cookies didn't have a card but I think we know who sent them and we need to thank you.  Someone also left a can of beer on our porch? That was exciting because the brewery is right by us and we didn't know they were canning. Also, did I mention beer magically appeared? Thanks, Easter bunnies!

The rhubarb is up along with the garlic, alpine strawberries and herbs. I started trays of seeds: flowers, greens and tomatoes.

We got this book at the Little Free Library at the museum.  The little man loves lady bugs. I didn't know they hatch as larvae and molt although it seems obvious.  That was fun to try to explain to someone who is 2 and a half.  He didn't ask any questions but looked horrified. 

Lots more going on but time to start the day.

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