Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Babies through the mail

This picture is so cute I kinda want to cry.

Look who showed up today! The Post Office called at 8 to tell me that our goslings were waiting to be picked up. This is just so amazing to me.  The little ones traveled from Metzer's in Gonzolas, CA to our little place in NW Pa, a distance of 2,622 miles. From sunny California to snowy Pennsylvania in less than 48 hours.  They must be a tad disappointed. 

This is how they travel. On a bed of hay with a heat pack and little snacks of gro-gel. I don't know what gro-gel is exactly. I think it's there in case of emergency; the last goslings we ordered took an extra day to get here and they did eat all of the gro-gel.

Hatchlings absorb the last of their yolks right before they break out of their shells, this lets them go without food or water for about 48 hours (in nature this is so the rest of the eggs can hatch out without mama having to get off the nest). Another genius design. 

So tiny. 

I brought then home, put them in the brooder with the ducks and showed them the water. Silently thanked TSC for selling me the ducklings. That was a great move. Usually when babies arrive here they need to be watched for the first day or so to make sure they get the hang of the food and water. The little goslings have the ducks to do that for me.

Speaking of babies, anyone see my feet? No? Me either. I've entered the whale stage. Having labored one baby already I was thinking on the way home from the Post Office how much less trouble it would be if I could just pick up the new baby this way too
 Like we would get a call early one morning announcing that our baby was ready for pick up, stork style. Perhaps a tracking number would be included, I don't know. Seems reasonable, right?


  1. So much new life for you, gosling's look super cute. Good luck with your next arrival.

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  3. How fantastic, I wish some of my post was that cute :-)

  4. Thanks Marlene! It's so much fun.
    Sue, I know. The Post Office can keep the bills and the junk mail, just send more of these please!