Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Vintage fabric & treasures for sale

Continuing with my effort to de-clutter the house, I've decided to let go of some more of the vintage fabric that I've collected over the years - feedsacks, bark cloth, silks.  I've also listed some fun playing swap cards.

Here are some of things that are for sale.

I'm sad to see this one go. I still remember the farm sale I found this at. 

Vintage sheet scraps, including an uncut full sheet.  There are some BEAUTIFUL quilts out there made of vintage sheeting from this era.  The sheets are kind of hard to come by and I've been cutting squares for a quilt for years, these are some of my extras.

A grouping of vintage children's playing cards.  These are so fun, I've set aside some to frame up for the little man's room but these are some of the extras.

Time to move some of these treasures on.  If you're curious about what else I've listed here's a link to my seller page.  There are bins and bins of this stuff still to go through - mostly 1930's and 1940's fabric but also a set of bark cloth drapes and some vintage quilt blocks.


  1. Look at you you Ebay seller you! I started an Ebay store about a year ago and its been working great for a bit of extra farm income. I'll blog about it at end of year. Love all your fabrics, wish I sewed. Best of luck with your sales!