Sunday, October 8, 2017

The garden in October

Dinner in a bucket.

Even though it's October, there's still a lot happening out in the garden. Let's take a tour!
I've always called the this part of the garden the "spring side" but I'm working to make it the perennial vegetable/fruit bed.  Some of these plants are and some of them aren't but we're getting there. 

That tall, feathery mass on the right hand side is the asparagus bed.

Between these bottles, I've planted lots and lots of garlic.  It got planted in waves so some of it has already sprouted. This is where the potatoes were planted this year so if we missed digging some and they grow in the spring, no big deal.  Garlic is tall and potatoes are short-ish.

We still have a nice bit of greens.  Had salads for dinner tonight and maybe BLTs later in the week.

I finally did this!  All of the perennial herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary & sage) are now in one spot! Why did this take years to do? Will have to remember to cover the rosemary because it's not always cold-hardy here. The oregano is planted in a sunken pot to keep the growth under control.  This was a lesson learned the hard way as I was into growing herbs as a teenager and the oregano I planted took over every single one of my mother's flower beds.  Whoops. Sorry. But the bees love it!

The parsley is on the other side of the swiss chard.  I think parsley is a biennial, I know it's come up again in the past.

Plenty of these beauties.  Not a perennial but delicious.

I'm going to do a post on this soon.  All of the Alpine strawberries that spent the summer growing in pots have been transplanted into a dedicated spot.  I think I ended up with 35 plants.  We are thrilled with these plants and I don't know how we lived without them before.  They started fruiting in July, it's October and we are still eating berries when we are outside.  Just a couple here and there, sure, but they are DELICIOUS.  And growing in our very own back yard!  In October!

Some rhubarb.  The one plant is twice the size of the other one, no idea why.  

We're not eating much from the garden these days but it's still providing.  For dinner tonight we had big salads with lettuce, tomato and hard boiled eggs, along with roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes.  Kinda odd combination but it was good.

What other kinds of perennial vegetables and herbs are out there?  It will be fun to research before the seed catalogs get here.  I think the plan will be to fill it in as well as I can, and then plant edible flowers, herbs and greens in between the permanent areas.


  1. Are comments working? Have tried twice to post my admiration for your Brussels sprouts! Ros

    1. Oh no! Comments should automatically post when you write them.. I have heard Blogger can be fussy sometimes. In fact there is another blogger who I have tried to leave comments for repeatedly, nothing shows. :( sorry for the stress!
      And thanks for the comcompliment, we love sprouts

  2. Sprout hearts here too. Think there may have been a blogger wobble. Was trying earlier to post that they're delicious steamed a bit, then tossed with smoked bacon and sweet chestnuts. Or shredded in stir fry. Or as a component of bubble and squeak (any leftover veg fried up, with a fried or poached egg on top).