Wednesday, October 11, 2017

These days

The other night I made dinner as usual; sweet potato fries, quinoa with corn and tomato and shrimp. The little guy has been on a hummus and hard boiled egg kick so he got some of those too. Everyone was hungry by the time the fries came out and we sat down to eat as a family.

The little guy had some sweet potato fries and checked out all the other stuff on his plate with suspicion.  He had brought his toy dinosaur to the table with him so I dramatically fed a piece of shrimp to the dinosaur hoping it would convince him to eat one.

I had just picked up my fork when I heard a "GRRROOOOOWWL!" and the dinosaur when flying past me into the quinoa where it bounced and ended up in the kitchen.

It had been a long day.
I was tired. I couldn't help it.
Wasn't I supposed to act like an adult?
I put my head in my hands. My shoulders started shaking.
I was biting back my laughter so hard the that the tears started flowing.

I heard my husband gently correcting our son as he yelled "AHAHAHAHA!" and I couldn't do it any longer. I totally lost it. My husband started laughing too.  "Pumpkin, are you done with eating? " I asked the little man. "TRUCK!" he replied. "OK then, go play."

My mother died way too early from cancer. With my family history if I make it to old age I'll be staring down the barrel of dementia.   If that happens to me, when I am old, I hope these are the days I remember.


  1. Hope you have many miles yet. Henceforth, TRUCK is the answer (to so many of life's questions). Or just fling the dinosaur. (Could also work!) Ros. X

  2. I lost a parent to cancer in my teens. Not easy at any age. Does make one focus on the important things in life, and you have that down. None of us knows what is round the corner. I am hoping for more dinosaurs in flight though. Ros.

  3. Your children's early life is important to both of you, enjoy, it goes far too fast. As for later in your life, face that when and if the time comes. Lovely post.