Saturday, January 11, 2020

Warm days

The weather has been so odd this year. Just three days after it snowed it warmed up again, and how. Today the temps here reached 64 degrees. Tshirt weather.  It did sprinkle rain all day and the sky was one big grey blanket but who cares. It was warm.  It's a bit disconcerting that we haven't actually seen winter here yet. We have a hen that is trying to sit on eggs in January. Crazy.

Some of the houseplants went outside today for a little vacation.  The cats both shook the dust off of themselves and climbed trees.

The kids and I took a long walk all around the property.

Looking at this photo it is not suprising that the oldest came home with a tick. Yuck.

He's quite the outdoorsman. Always wanting to blaze a trail through the thickest of brambles and brush. I'm happy to teach him how to navigate these mazes like my dad and grandpa did for me when I was little. "Step on this thorn bush with the side of your foot. Here, I'll lift this bramble up, duck under it".

 We were stuck in the middle of a bramble patch, him, the baby and I when it started to rain. "Don't worry mom, it's just a little rain" he said. Yep. No big deal and well worth the price of being out in fresh air. Oh be still my heart.

We have a buck that visits this pine pretty regularly to rub his antlers. 

It was a good day. We jumped on the trampoline, played soccer in the yard. I think tomorrow we'll go for a long walk and maybe make donuts from scratch.


  1. It's the same here in south east england, our tempareture is in double figures, ans still often warm at night, BUT winter here is normaly February into March, we can get snow in April. I have loads of spring bulbs growing, even tulips.

    1. We would normally be very cold here with snow on the ground. So far, nothing. We can't wait to see our spring bulbs.