Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A bit better every day

A picture just to remind us of summer...

Because this morning we woke up to this:

Winter finally came.  The snow is swirling outside the window and it feels like being inside a snow globe.

Things are good around here.  For whatever reason I've felt very relaxed and content the last couple of days. It's a strange sensation.  Since New Year's I've been trying to be a just a little bit better to myself and our family every day. A bit kinder and more patient. Counting blessings on my fingers before bed (10!). Doing a bit of yoga at night, taking a hot bath or god forbid eating a vegetable. Putting more of an effort into the house although it's still mess most days. Purging things we don't need and downsizing.

This shelf of spices was stuffed before I went through it.  There were some amazing discoveries including this jar of lime leaves that expired back in 2013

Wish I were joking but no.  This whole cleaning spree was actually prompted by the night that a mouse got into my baking cupboard.  This happens every winter so I have learned to decant everything into a glass container before it gets stored in there. Still, there was a mess to clean up. Turns out the whole house benefited.  Yes, I caught the mouse.

It feels a bit like pushing myself to blog today about something,  anything just to get back in the habit of writing down thoughts. Hopefully this is what I need to shake the dust off and get back into the swing of things. 


  1. We were the other way, whilst shopping hubby brough thyme, only to find we already had a spare pot, out thyme in the garden has stopped growing in the winter months. I do like a good January clean up.

    1. I find myself guilty of buying thyme every spring. Yes, it overwinters here but it's also lovely and inexpensive. No harm done!

  2. If you do need some kaffir lime leaves, you have a friend with some in the freezer. They went in December 2019 - honest.

    1. Llyn... honestly I cannot even remember why I had them. A Thai pumpin soup?