Thursday, February 7, 2019

Winter walk, a goose video, crazy week

We've had really nice weather this week and on Sunday my husband and I had the chance to take a long walk All! By! Ourselves! We strolled around town, down side alleys, looked at the architecture of the old houses, walked around the park.  We walked 4 miles total. I've been using the app Map My Walk on my phone to track distance for me.

The river was still thawing that day.  I've recently read that you can tap sycamore trees and the syrup has a butterscotch hint to it.  We saw plenty of those trees on our walk and they sure are beautiful.

Here are the kids on the porch, also thawing out in the sunshine.  The oldest is holding his emergency whistle (outside us only, please!) He's been a total three-year old lately, as in complaining "BUT Mooooom!" to everything which is sometimes hilarious.  When he saw the boxes on the porch he walked over, stared and whined "BUT Moooooom! This was NOT the chicken coop I was expecting! THIS IS WOOD!"  Hahahaha.  The other day he and I had this conversation: ME:" You really are acting three lately.  How much longer do you plan on doing this?" HIM: "Hmmmm... 6 more months".  Oh, these two crack me up.

The week has gone a bit sideways honestly for a bunch of reasons.  The new coop is still sitting in the box, supplies have been gathered but no trees tapped, no garlic planted.  Plus the geese managed to destroy the base of the rain barrel (by mucking about under the concrete base till it fell over in the thaw) so that needs fixed.  

Here's a video of geese behaving badly.  I'm just grateful when the water barrel and concrete blocks fell they didn't squash anyone.

We've had a lot of family time but not much productivity.  

We made a concrete stepping stone owl.

We went out to lunch with Papa. One of the kids accidentally called the police on Papa's phone.

To the thrift store where they each picked out a toy.

And I picked out this little wooden chicken that is now sitting on the back of the wooden steer (also thrift store) in the kitchen.

Today is the nicest day of the week and our afternoon is actually free. Maybe, just maybe something can get done. Maybe when the oldest is picked up from preschool I'll run up the road, pick up straw and muck the coops.

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