Monday, January 16, 2017

Craft win - I Spy ocean bag

I've been doing a little bit of crafting this week in odd moments and it's made me almost giddy with happiness  No stress, just pipe cleaners, glitter and glue.  No pressure there.  And I love how this turned out.  It's an I-spy toy that I made for the little guy for when we take car trips.  Give "I Spy sensory bag" a google and you'll find tons of ideas for these.  The basic premise being that you fill a freezer bag with hair gel (seriously - hair gel) and then float tiny toys in it.  The bag can be manipulated by tiny hands to squish the "water" and find the objects.  I wish I would have made some of these when he was little, like 6 months old would have been great but I think he'll really enjoy it. 

It was so inexpensive to make, too.  Most all of it came from the dollar store. I used a 16 oz container of hair gel ($1) and two freezer bags (one inside the other in case of a leak) The duct tape used to reinforce the seams was $1 and the glitter and sequins $1.  The shells and ribbon scrap I had.  I could not find any tiny fish where I live so I bought some orange oven-bake clay and made them myself (also $1).

Don't all fish smile?

Close up of the "water".  The fish look like they're floating belly up here.  Hmm.

Stay tuned for more crafting this week. 


  1. Cute idea! I used to craft then got busy cooking my life away. But one year I made my own paper in a blender and then made book marks and a couple notebooks with the paper. Maybe I'll do it again this summer. It's messy and best to do outside.

  2. Thanks Donna! "Cooking your life away" is also a craft as you know. I would love to see the homemade papers.