Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Hello 42, hello quarantine

My new prism from my sister in the kitchen window.

Someone turned 42 yesterday. Everyone made it a very nice day.

My in-laws sent me for a pedicure. I got a really nice champagne colored gel polish, hopefully it will stay awhile. The gentleman who was taking care of my feet and I fell into an easy and fun conversation.  Turns out we both love fishing, especially for trout and panfish and we agreed that carp are a ton of fun to catch but fiddly to cook.  He grew up on a farm in Vietnam and his parents grew rice, coffee and sugarcane. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about coffee. He has two children in college. 

My feet walked out of there as soft and pink as Baby P's. I immediately shoved them into muck boots and took a walk around a reservoir. 

It was bitter cold and windy. The walk was less than a mile but it was head clearing. Birthdays aren't difficult exactly but it seems like this day has turned into my yearly self-review. I'm happy with my progress in a couple of areas in my life, but Lord, I feel like I'm just barely getting by in others. Why is it so difficult to change things we know aren't working? 

Hello, gifts. My sister got me this Chakras workbook. I don't know anything about those but the workpages seem like they're going to be very helpful for just working on self awareness and accountability.  My husband did a great job with some not pictured books and also helping the kids make shrinky dink jewelry.  I can't believe they kept it a secret. 

Mr. H. made the best earrings. 

The kids are going to make more Christmas ornaments tonight and help me with Christmas cards..

Edit to add that I had to go get Mr. H from school today, one of his near seat mates tested positive mid-day for Covid after being at school that morning.  So now he is quarantined at home until at least Monday. The irony is that he already his first shot and is scheduled to get his second on Friday. Oh, why could this not have happened next Monday when he would be fully protected. 

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  1. Happy birthday, sounds as if you were spoilt, as you should be. Hope your son is not caught Covid, I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.