Monday, November 1, 2021

Hello friends


Long time no post. It's fall here and how. Cold and wet on the bad days and achingly beautiful on the good. We are all still alive and well. There is not much time now for, well, anything really but I am still cooking and baking when I can. We have the geese, about a half dozen quail and very few chickens as raccoons have been at us again.  I've subscribed to the app 99 Walks and am taking long walks nearly every day. Today was 4.5 miles.  Reading, tinkering with an old typewriter, collecting playing cards, writing postcards, keeping 3 kids and a husband alive, fed and loved. There is not much left by the end of the day besides pajama pants and a good book.

It's enough. 

I may pick the blog up again in the Spring but for now have moved onto Facebook.
For the first time ever you get a name: Tammy Smith-McConnor. Send over a friend request if you really want to hear allll about things like what the cats are up to. It's fascinating, I promise.

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  1. Life with young children is always busy, I've recently looked after 2 for 2 days, exhausted comes to mind, I did manage over 10,000 steps each day.