Thursday, March 18, 2021

It's just another day


Kwazii's grant adventure lasted about 3 days before my dad called after dinner one night and started the conversation with "Hey, I'm really sorry to say this but...." apparently Kwazii had decided the best thing to do on his vacation was to beat up a Buff Orpington hen.  Repeatedly.  So I apologized and told him to bring him home. So he's back. Totally mild mannered and a perfect gentleman.

I think the trees are done flowing for us. Signs are: the world is starting to green, sap is barely flowing, yesterday I pulled a bucket and the liquid was yellow. Lastly, most of the trees are really budding:

Plus TSC had told me that they won't refill my propane tank as it is "expired" in spite of the fact that it was filled two weeks ago. So... today it rained all day but this weekend I'll pull the taps, store the buckets and finish everything on a fire or the stove. 

There was a day when, at 3 in the afternoon, I did not know what was for dinner. Usually that ends in enchiladas but we had no enchilada sauce. How hard could it be to make, I wondered.  Turns out pretty easy.

This is more or less what I did. We loved it much more than store-bought.

In other cooking news, Mr. A and I were watching the Mother's Day episode of Dora. Dora's dad was missing some cake ingredients so Dora and Boots went to find them. What is this cake, I wondered? Is it real? Because I want to bake this.

So here are the missing ingredients : 10 bananas,  6 nuts and 1 piece chocolate. 

Here they are in the kitchen with some other random ingredients.  Why is Dora's head so big?

Here is Dora with 6 eggs.

And here is mom with the finished cake.  It looks delicious. I'm sure this cake is pure fiction and I need to get a life.

My life right now is feeding, changing, wiping, cooking, washing, prepping, cleaning, repeat. Nothing happens around here. For the first time I'm having a really hard time coming up with conversation with people outside of our household. I have an hour to myself each day, max. Who wants to hear that the big thing today was *leaving town!* and buying shoes (shoes for walking, not sexy. Also size 10 wide) Or that I packed a lunch? Took a shower?  Painted my toenails? 
I mean, really, who gives a crap? 


My kids tell me every day they love me and for that I am beyond grateful.  For now that will be more than enough.  


  1. Being a mum is the best role of your life, even if it does feel mundane most days, the little people you are shaping into adults are your results, enjoy them as they grow far too quick, PS what colour did you paint your toenails.

    1. Thank you so much, that question was like a great big hug. I painted them pink, two different shades.