Saturday, September 19, 2020

Growing things, making things

In the middle of a pandemic I managed to grow the least productive garden ever. It was a bust. We did eat a lot of fresh fruit and I canned some tomatoes but that was about it. The most productive thing by far was the gourds. Which I did not even plant and don't know where they came from. They somehow sprouted in the chicken yard and took over like a big green monster. I picked them this week and collected well over 100, not including the ones that grew into the fence or the ones that grew together and resemble gourd testicles. Those ones are pretty funny.

Here are the plants back in July.  The gourds are decorating our porch and the some went to my in-laws, some to my dad's lady friend and the rest I sent over to my sister's house where her kiddos are going to set up a little stand and sell them from the front yard. 

Here are tiny sweet potatoes.  Back in the spring we had one sprout on the counter and we planted it for fun. Something special should happen with these, maybe they will be cooked for a pie?

We sent some dalhias to school with the oldest for his teacher.

These perennial sunflowers have gone from a 2.5 inch "sample" pot given to me by my mom 6 years ago to having taken over large parts of the yard. Oh well.

They are pretty.

Probably the last thing to do in the garden besides digging the dalhias is freezing the rest of the peppers. I wish I could remember what kind I bought because these little bells are sweet and productive. 

This little leafhopper is beautiful. 

Here are my star blocks. I did take them to the fabric store last week looking for a backing but did not buy anything. I need a wider width fabric and the only solids they had were red and tan. Let me add that OB appointment was a disaster. I had that doctor again that for whatever reason she and I just butt heads, she showed up to the office 45 minutes late (as in the staff didn't know where she was) and she spent my 5 minute appointment asking me how big I "thought this baby was going to be" and trying to get me to schedule an induction so I didn't have "another big baby". After me politely pressing her as to wtf she was talking about it became clear that she had me confused with another patient and insisted my oldest son was 10.7 lbs at birth which I am *pretty sure* I would remember. What the hell. I've had three visits with her and they've all been a waste of time. This woman is a mess and I am frankly worried to give birth on her shift at this point. 

Back to the quilt, for the background I am leaning to using a sheet that a friend gave us for the camper. It's an unusual purple/blue color that might just look perfect with these. Sorry for the night picture.

Another night shot, this time of some hexagon blocks.  These are fun to baste.

There was a day this week where we were really low on groceries so I baked bread.

And made doughnuts.  With milk and coffee we happily called them lunch.

We've been fluffing the nest a bit. My dad gave us this funky little rocker he picked up at a sale. Apparently it is handmade and spent the last 60+ years in a hunting cabin. It's super low to the ground and comfortable.  Toys have gone from this corner and we need a little lamp. I've also thinned the books off the shelves that haven't been read yet. 

The Tracy Chevalier book is probably getting donated as I still just can't get into it. The William Gay book came this week and looks exciting. 

Because the Tracy Chevalier book is about fossils, here is a picture of one we found in the driveway this afternoon:

Isn't that fascinating, look at that perfect star.  I think it's a cross section of a crinoid stem, part of a prehistoric water lilly type plant. 

My FFF fall subscription box came this week. I'm just in love with these copper canisters, one is already holding coffee and the other tea. The sleep spray smells wonderful and I've had these shower cubes before and they're the best. I cannot figure out how to wear "scarfigan " in a flattering way but it really doesn't matter as I picked it out intending it as a nursing cover.

I'm sad that blogging has become sporatic for me. I do enjoy writing and seeing what everyone else is up to. At 35 weeks most of my "free" time is being taken up by eating and napping.  I did go have coffee with friends on two occasions this week, very fun! And my mother in law is treating me to a pedicure this week as I can't reach my feet. Hope to get a couple of things done tomorrow like bedding the chicken coops and fixing the door to the goose pen.  The oldest and I have not slept out for 2 weekends, it is too cold. We had a frost warning last night and have turned on the furnace for the first time today.


  1. those gourds look like sweet dumpling squash (maybe a cross) which should be good to eat.

  2. Lovely flowers for your son's teacher, along with loads of great harvest, our garden here is slowly shutting down. we are having a warm week, but next week the weather is due to get colder. Love the rocker, it's placed in a great reading spot.