Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Our morning in pictures

Baked a coffee cake using the last of the frozen berries from the yard; a mix of blueberries, black raspberries and currants.

This is one of my favorites to bake. It's so simple and good.

My little man helped me find the berries in the freezer. He will play in there as long as I let him; holding up bag after bag and asking "What's this? Hm.. What's this?" This of course led to him finding my stash of ice cream bars which we ate. Oh and he also likes to say "sorry ducks" while holding a package of frozen quail which is hilarious. 

He learned to use the flour sifter and immediately showed Mickey how to use it. 

He has been doing this super cute thing this week: completely out of nowhere he has started calling me Mama Duck. As in "Mama Duck? Play Cat in the Hat?" or "Mama Duck! I stuck!" when he's hiding under a pillow. It's adorable. Of course I have started calling him Baby Duck which he loves. His morning chores consist of helping make the beds, feeding his fish and giving Bee treats. He was unloading the dishwasher but it's been broken this week which is pretty much my version of housewife hell.

Our amaryllis bloomed overnight.  I thought it was going to be pink but I did get it on clearance so who knows. It's beautiful. 

Yesterday we were playing in the yard and today the world looks lile this. I caught one of the female ducks and held her while little man petted her and named each part. He was beside himself 
 "Duck's ears! Duck's toes! Duck's nose!" I don't think the duck appreciated it as much as we did.

Elyse is doing an impression of a slipper this morning. Bee smells vaguely but undeniably like skunk. Don't know what to do about that except ignore it. I draw the line at bathing a cat.

Well that's it so far. Sincerely hoping baby duck takes a nap so mama duck can too. 


  1. Lovely post, it's so rewarding to see little ones growing up, learning so many new things.